Kelpa provide shuttle services between Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway. We carry people using buses, minibuses and other people carriers. 
To find out a complete list cities in to and from we carry take a look here. If you do not find desirable city or town in the list that doesn’t mean that we are not carry people in to that town, please contact us for shuttle service prices by phone, e-mail or use price calculator.

The ticket price consist of:

•    comprehensive insurance
•    ferry tickets in sleeping cabins
•    up to 3 bags language per person

During the trip is strictly forbidden to use alcohol or drugs.

Before inquiring or placing registration please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

Full list of services we provide:

•    People carrier services,
•    Partial load transportation,
•    Parcel transportation,
•    Any type of car and motorcycle transportation,
•    Spare parts delivery to order,
•    Transporting bags, luggage, bicycles and other items,
•    Pallet transportation,
•    International removals,
•    Storage,
•    Buy in (a service where you can order through our company, any kind of goods from Lithuania, Latvia to Norway, Sweden or from Norway, Sweden to Latvia, Lithuania, we will buy them for you and we will deliver it to You).